This top-of-the-line Multi-function printer stopped printing after only one year, and very light home use, perhaps only 200 pages! It had used about 5 sets of cartridges (at about $75 for a set), and was in perfect condition.

Since I have eight years of electronic education, and repair experience, I attempted to disassemble it to manually clean the print-head and clean the nozzles. The case was designed as a one-way snapfit case, making service impossible. You have to break the connections to get access to anything inside. I continued to find other planned obsolescent designs, in that things would break, just getting access to the printer's guts, making this an unreliable ripoff.

I am posting photos of the connectors and the printer on several websites and will be returning my printer to Brother, holding the designers accountable. This shoud have lasted 5 years, and definitely thousands and thousands of prints.

Companies, and their designers need to be held accountable for making products that cannot be serviced; do not perform past abysmal performance; and keep filling up our landfills, and emptying our pockets. Where do these designers live, and why are we not filing class-action suits against thousands of them, to stop the cheap production of cheap products?

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